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“The world is whatever we perceive. When I stand within moments of time and turn off all mind chatter......... time itself seems to stop and I become more aware and one with everything around me”.

When I capture a moment of time, it is done with great respect for whatever is presenting itself.  Light is so fleeting and that same light during that moment will never present itself again.

My hope is to capture images that give you, the viewer, the possibility of looking deeper, and closer, at the parts that make up the whole. To have you experience that moment in time for yourself. I also want to convey a sense in my photography, that you are looking at a painting not just a photograph. 

My work has been featured on the front cover of The Santa Fe Catalogue for Spring/Summer 2010, PBS Published Photographer Award 2020, PBS Published Photograph Award 2020 Capture Minnesota VI, Displayed in, Sotheby’s Santa Fe, Displayed in Coyote Cafe Santa Fe, Sold at Charity Auction in Minneapolis MN,

and is in private collections in Europe, Central America and the U.S.

Please feel free to browse through the images on the following pages, and if one of them moves you, and you would like to make a purchase, I can be contacted at cjamesparsons5@gmail.com or call 612-209-7971 for any questions or comments.

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